Hope Springs Eternal.

Dear Readers- would you look at this forecast!?!?!

Screen Shot 2018-08-22 at 5.09.00 PM.png

SIX! days of rain in the next 10. And potentially substantial, soaking, meaningful rainfall too!

I’ll admit that my attention to the garden in the past two weeks has been limited to cutting back the flowering Indiangrass, watering a few newly transplanted items, and harvesting whatever is ripe in the veg garden. That’s it. Nothing more. While its certainly made me feel a bit on the lackadaisical side, in all honesty, this weather is no fun for any of us so I might as well leave sleeping dogs lay. I’m rather certain the Garden is pleased to be left to her own to manage this lack of rain. That and the weeds are just a bear to get at with the ground so dry.

With any luck, all that will change this weekend.

What I have noticed, and I’m not yet sure how I feel about it, is the shortening of the days. The trees on the West side of our property are casting their long shadows sooner and sooner. Their shade didn’t used to creep onto the patio until 630ish. Now it is 5! Can you believe that? I suppose… it is August, and August is always the traditional end of Summer here (don’t tell September as she has no clue she is supposed to be Fall). The beginning of the end is nigh… though I shall not wish it away. September and October are my favorite months to get stuck into- I’ve still got a few projects that need starting (and obviously completing) and I’m waiting those cooler evenings and crisp, invigorating breezes that smell of leaves and wood-fire.

Until then, I shall anxiously await Friday and hope for even half of what is in the forecast.

4 thoughts on “Hope Springs Eternal.”

  1. The shorter days make me sad, while rain makes me happy, especially a nice long soaking rain. We’ve had a few dry stretches this summer, but overall the rain has been more than adequate.


    1. We are now on the opposite end of the drought we had been on, 5-6 inches of rain since Friday! But I won’t complain… nothing will drown or wash away here with all our sand so I’ll just shut up and enjoy it! But yes, the shorter days do make me sad too.

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