Holy crap you guys. It is hot and it is dry and every single living thing outside looks sad, wilty, bedraggled, and completely over it. I’m inclined to agree with the trees.

But the peppers and cucumbers are loving it and I am therefore drowning in both.


The melons appear no worse for the wear despite their gardener sometimes forgetting that they need watering. Aren’t they just lovely looking? I cannot wait to slice into one.


Our ‘Anne’ yellow raspberry is also kicking out fruit in spades. I’m quite please with how heavy of a producer it is (would you look at all the little ones!) and how delicious the fruits are. And such a lovely peachy yellow color.


The Kogigu squash are calling it quits rather early but the squash themselves look like perfect specimens both aesthetically and size-wise. Its hard to believe that I will be hardening these off and setting them up for storage in August. This weather…


The Acorn squash trial bed, however, is right on track and all varieties are producing well. You’ll notice the tinge of Powdery Mildew on the leaves towards the bottom right. We’ve had some stretches of cooler nights and the resulting fog in the morning, it must be just enough humidity to offset the searing dry heat we’ve been having during the days.  I think it would be a proper miracle to make it through an entire season without it. It would also mean we’ve turned Wisconsin into Arizona. No thank you.


The peppers (top), beans, carrots, and rutabaga (bottom) all seem to be doing well, despite some bugs munching on the leaves. The hot and dry conditions have made it a banner year for grasshoppers and every plant in the garden is showing the signs of it.

I’m certainly having to water much more frequently than I’ve ever had to here, I’m so thankful for our water storage tanks. Our two tanks store around 600 gallons together, so it takes quite a bit to deplete our stores. But, with that said, we are running them lower than we’ve ever done. I’m hopeful for some rain soon- hopefully Monday next week?

This growing season has been quite the meteorologic roller coaster so far. There was a span of two weeks in late July where the daytime and nighttime temps were more like late September (no A/C for 2 weeks!), and here we are right back to scorching August heat. There’s no telling what the rest of the month- or even Fall!- will look like. But, at least I’ve got tomatoes!

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