Bonsai Love.

This past weekend we went up to the Como Park Zoo and Conservatory in Minneapolis with family. The place is really lovely and free (though donations are appreciated) and such a great place to go with kids and get your steps in. Which we did. BUT. The best part are the bonsai trees.

I’m just going to post a whole passel of full sized photos and you can catch up with me at the end.



I tried, fruitlessly, to figure out a way to stuff one in my tote. A) the tote was too small, B) someone would have certainly noticed a bare plinth, and C) it would have been a bear to haul that thing around for the rest of the day.

I never cease to be amazed by these pint-sized wonders, nor stop marveling at their age. I’m honestly entirely unsure I’d be able to keep a plant in a pot for 40 years… alive I mean. But, of course, I’m still hopelessly smitten with the art and promptly went home to our local nursery to pick up a wee Juniper ‘Green Carpet’ and order a lovely pair of Japanese bonsai snips online. As one does.


Audrey seems to approve of our wee, fledgling bonsai. I’ve been bookmarking some great articles online and reading up on some blogs, I promise to post updates as we go along, though let’s be honest, there won’t be frequent updates. That would be boring. Look! It grew 1/16″! But, as we shape and wire, I will keep it updated. For now, outside it goes to soak up what sun and warmth remains in August- which is A LOT.

How do you all feel about bonsai? Have you ever tried it yourself or been tempted to buy an established one? Do you have a local collection you’ve visited before?

2 thoughts on “Bonsai Love.”

  1. I like to look at and admire bonsai. I have only one, a Chinese Elm, which I’ve owned since 1993, and it’s like having a child, needing a lot of attention. It has got completely out of hand and overgrown, and I don’t seem to have mastered the technique. I’d rather give my time to the rest of the garden.


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