Veg Garden Update

Well, it is officially August which my wee brain can’t quite comprehend.


Tonight there is rain, much needed rain, so I have the night off from weeding and grass remediation (post to follow). I figured you all might be getting tired of the Dry Garden overhaul so I’ll pivot over to the Veg Garden.

So far this year has been pretty good (knock on wood)! The Cucumbers are doing much better than I anticipated rendering the 4 plants overkill. We are awash in cucumbers- thankfully there are always willing recipients at work! The ‘Pencil Pod’ Golden Wax Beans (bush variety) are also doing well- I’ve never had good luck with bush beans, but this year is an exception.


This is the bed for the 4 trial Acorn Squash varieties. They are all going like gangbusters and putting out some nice sized fruit already. We will have loads of these guys, but they are delicious so I don’t mind!


The peppers are doing the best they ever have! Yay! Last year they were in the greenhouse and got a bit too hot and neglected and the result was some SPICY peppers. This year (so far) they are plentiful and delicious. And not too spicy.


This year’s newest experiment was to grow the melons between the tomato plants- both to utilize the space better and to act as a living mulch. I’m quite pleased to say that both are none the worse for the wear and both are producing beautifully so far.

I’m especially pleased with the tomatoes as my seedlings were WAY undersized when I put them in late May, but they’ve caught up admirably and have been producing well. Nothing is ripe yet, but soon! My bets are on the Moskovich variety ripening first- a new variety to me.


The Zucchini is doing well- one plant is certainly enough for us-  and the raspberries are doing quite well for their first year. The Fennel (which was something I’ve not grown before) did quite well before going to seed (which I will harvest) and I’m just starting to plan for the fall- Parsnips, late Spinach, etc.

All in all, I’m quite pleased with this year’s progress so far. Now I just need to keep hoping for good weather and no pests! How are your veggies progressing so far? Any of you have ripe tomatoes yet?

1 thought on “Veg Garden Update”

  1. You have to watch those zucchini: they have a habit of growing overnight! I have cabbages, broccoli, broad beans and beetroot at the moment and they seem to be coping with the cold quite well.


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