July Begins.

Honestly. Only July!?! May was so hot that my mind is convinced that it is somehow already August. Alas, there are a further 2 months of these hot, humid, bug-filled days. Please remind me of this come winter when I’m longing for summer. Tis not all its cracked up to be… but the flowers and fresh veg do help make up for all those bugs.

I’m mostly whining because the mosquitoes, deer flies, and gnats are at their peak and doing their level best to ruin every non-windy moment outside. The upside is that we are getting to try out every anti-bug gadget and spray on the market? Keeping the economy strong through bite prevention!

The gardens are winding up for their big mid-summer flush of blooms. The Monarda, Daylilies, and Echinacea are going strong and the hydrangeas are just beginning to bloom.


The Main gardens are coming along, slowly but surely. The plants are still all so small it can be hard for me to get excited about its progress, I suspect next year will be much better for all parties. However, the plants do seem to be thriving and I’m happy with the compositions of plants and shrubs so far.


I have noticed that the West side of the garden is reading very hot (yellow, red, orange) so there is a desperate need to get some cooler colors in the balance it.

Or not?

I’m not sure.

This is the time of year when I waver on plans and wonder if I  stumbled upon a happy accident (paging Bob Ross…) or if I just botched executing my initial plan. Its hard telling which it is!

The weeds (as always) are doing their thing at breakneck paces that we can’t keep up with despite our best efforts. Perhaps if I were unemployed and hyper-caffienated I could stay ahead of the curve, but since I need my job to fund my plant-buying ways, I’ll have to be content to keep fighting the good fight.

Isn’t it funny how no one ever tells you how relentless the weeding is? Boring and relentless. What do you all do to make it less arduous? Cocktails? Music? Futile attempts to train your dog to weed? Do tell!!!



4 thoughts on “July Begins.”

  1. I mulch a lot so the weeds are a little less troublesome. Also, I think when your garden fills up more there will be less room for weeds. It’s all coming along nicely, btw.

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  2. I think after your gardens fill in a bit more there will be less weeding. I really don’t spend much time weeding at all. Deadheading and edging take all the time in the flower borders. This time of year harvesting and preserving take the most time in the potager. I could spend a lot more time weeding the cutting garden, which is the youngest and neediest but it’s not supposed to be “viewed” just used so there are some weeds there that I pull when they annoy me or start to flower. Watering is the biggest chore…but no rain means no mosquitoes!


  3. I probably shouldn’t admit this, but I don’t mind weeding. I use my little scooter cart and just roll along, picking weeds, looking at the flowers, munching on little snacks from the garden. I also consider weeding as gathering material for compost. Mind games help!

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