Sweet Relief!

We are about to venture a wee bit South for a bit to visit family, swim in the lake, and enjoy not having much of anything else to do. I’ve been much better this year about actually taking vacation time, and I must say, it is all its cracked up to be!

The garden has finally caught a break in the form of good soaking rains and cooler temperatures. The plants all seem to have relaxed and are getting ready to build up to the July-August bloom.

This little garden was put in just over a year ago, after the woodshed was built, and I’m pleased with how the Asters and Daylilies are playing off one another. These plants have just a wee bit of dirt and are in full, baking sun right next to a stretch of blacktop/tarmac. Its a brutal place to try to grow something, but these two have been the hardy workhorses I hoped they would.

IMG_5277 2

The unsightly tube of hardware cloth and sticks is the makeshift armor I hastily threw together when a bunny was relentlessly hacking away at our new Clematis ‘Princess Diana’. She is growing away strongly again, but I’m not sure how long I’ll have to have such robust protection for her. In any event, I can’t wait to get it growing up the actual shed.

Daylilies and I have a bit of a checkered relationship. Something about the standard (think ‘Stella D’Oro’) yellow lilies leave me cold and unimpressed. Very Meh. A few of these uninspiring yellow types came with our house, they live on the east side of the house and are simply filler that I’ve not dug out because nothing can kill a daylily anyway.

But along the back of the house, we inherited a few stunners with variations of apricot and burgundy. Those, I adore. I’ve dug those out and they now live in the woodshed area.



These never fail to make me smile when they bloom, and we get to enjoy them so much more now that they are at the front of the house. Plus they look just stunning against the grey stain of the shed.

The figs have all come ripe and it has felt like the height of luxury to enjoy multiple, ripe, delicious figs in one go. I’ve been only marginally good at sharing these, but Rich and my Mom both got a taste.


I must say, of all the things we grow, I’m always the most pleased with myself and the most in awe of the tree fruits we grow. From these figs to the orange to the apples. Something about the wait and the years of effort literally coming to bear very delicious fruit. I can’t say it enough, if you don’t have a fruit tree, get one and give it a go. It is so much fun and the pay off is always well worth the time and effort (and lugging back and forth inside and outside).

The only other news is that one of our larger nurseries has taken up the practice of closing up shop every year on July 1. This means deep discounts mid-season so, of course, I stopped by on Friday to see what I could find. A few perennials (variegated Iris and Delphiniums) came home with me, but I could not resist this Bouganvilela marked down to $16!


Since our bottle palm kicked the bucket early this spring, we had this beautiful pot just sitting empty. I couldn’t think of a more fun and whimsical way to fill it. I just hope I can get it to bloom- those orchid purple bracts give me heart eyes!

Of course it will come inside this fall along with the banana, fig, and orange tree. I’m hoping it will be hardy enough to withstand the trying and long winter indoors. The variegated foliage should be a nice foil to the other plants and its upright shape should take up a bit less room than the palm used to. I’m so excited!

Alright lovelies, we are off to the lake. Will post more soon, but enjoy your 4th of July everyone and stay cool!

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