Stifling Summer Weather.

We’ve had a recent onslaught of guests and events and some genuinely uncomfortable weather (95F, 80+% humidity- AWFUL), the garden has generally been admired from the windows of the air conditioned house for the past week or so.

The guests have gone and the weather has abated a bit so I ventured back out to catch up on the weeding. I am constantly reminded that weeds wait for no one and are quite happy to grow like mad while I’m hiding out inside. The nerve!

The Veg garden is forging ahead nicely. The Fava Beans (Masterpiece and Broad Windsor) did far better this year than they ever had- despite our hot spring. The squash of all varieties are romping away, as are the cucumbers.IMG_5189

Its been a banner year for Kohlrabi and we’ve been enjoying them very much. I’m also please with how the Fennel is doing- though this is the first year I’ve grown them so I have no North Star to measure by.

It is also Garden Tour season, we visited a few private gardens through our Garden Club and went on the annual garden tour through the county. Its been a mixed bag but it always gives me food for thought and helps me cast a more critical eye upon our own spaces.

The fruit have been coming on nicely as well. It should be a bumper crop type year for the black raspberries that surround the house. The first few berries are ripe and a quick waltz around the yard yielded a cup already. We are going to be up to our eyes in a few days…


And, AND!!! I got the very first fruit EVER off my potted Fig. Can you believe it? In Wisconsin? I’ve had this plant for 4 years, I can’t even remember what type it is. But it was delicious and SUCH a treat. I’m well chuffed if I do say so myself!

The flowers aren’t as numerous this time of year as I’d like, but what is blooming is so boisterous and joyful that I can’t be anything but happy. Just look at those hollyhocks! And the gorge Clematis is the one I literally planted 6 weeks ago. How’s that for settling in nicely?

Rich sourced us two beautiful river rocks from Minnesota to complete the stone river feature. I’m a bit shocked by how much of a difference they make, far for the better.


The weather is due to get awful again (heat index of 110F?!?!) this weekend, so the weeds are likely to gather steam and get ahead of me again, but there are worse things! I’ve got another fig almost ready to eat!


5 thoughts on “Stifling Summer Weather.”

  1. Such humidity, it sounds unbearable, but your garden is obviously loving the weather. I wonder if your delicious looking fig is a Black Genoa?


    1. Indeed! The garden doesn’t seem to mind at all. I, on the other hand, only think it would be bearable with a pool, a very large umbrella, and a cocktail! I will have to try to figure out what variety the fig is, I will start with your suggestion- thank you!

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  2. Do you eat the lambs quarter? I think some folks do. It’s turning HOT and HUMID here this week as well, so I’m trying to get the last of the mulching done, knowing I’ll be dragging hoses again soon. Our”wild” black raspberries are tiny, due to lack of rain in April and May so only the row behind the potager that I put a soaker hose on are really worth picking.


  3. Yeah, we went through that weather. It’s decent today, though. You’ve got some gorgeous blooms, especially that Lily. Is it a Martagon Lily? You’re stone river is just beautiful.


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