Hot, Rainy Irises.

The first two ‘official’ days of my vacation last week were spent sweltering and avoiding the sun. We topped out at 96F. In May. Just lovely (said with ample snark). Then the rains followed.

The irises, however, have been delighted with this unseasonably warm, sunny weather and have rewarded us with not only a brash and blowsy show, but a mysterious surprise.

‘Late Hours’
‘Christmas Time’
‘China Moon’
‘Blenheim Royal’
‘Gypsy Romance’

There are a few unnamed varieties, all of which were gifts from friends, circulating around the garden…

‘Destination Fabulous’

And now, for the surprise.


The smaller white and purple irises were another unknown variety given by a friend. The taller pink and maroon-purple one is a mystery gift from the Gardening Gods. I’ve never seen it before, I certainly never planted it (it is spectacular, but does not go with the color scheme of the garden it is in AT ALL). But I was quite delighted to find it!

I’ve a suspicion it is a hybrid of the gifted white and purple variety with the ‘Destination Fabulous’. They are geographically close in the garden and it would explain the pink colors and bi-tone petals. The height and stature also matches ‘Destination Fabulous’. Who knows!

I plan to dig it up this fall and put it in the nursery bed to see what it does over the next few seasons. I’m going to reach out to the iris growers I have bought all my  named varieties from to see if it is a (more likely) reversion or if it truly could be a (maybe!) new hybrid. Either way, a very fun (and stunning) discovery!

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