Projects, Blooms, and Slowing Down


It is super obvious that I need to better figure out how to blog and garden at the same time. I will work on that!

With the sudden onset of summer (I think?) and 70-80 F weather, my mind and sunburns keeps telling me how far behind we are in our projects. My eyes look around and see trees just now budding and remind me it is only May. There is a daily disconnect that alternately pushes my panic button and then walks me back away from the edge of the cliff. Its been such an odd Spring. If you can even call it that!

We did jump straight away into the herb potager as soon as the snow melted. It has been one of those strange leftover spaces that we struggled to formulate a plan for. Then the plan changed a half dozen times. Then we bought supplies and the plans (thankfully) stopped changing.

Here is your Before photo. The black plastic really made this space sing.


The plan was to place a large “bench” along the face of the greenhouse to a) deal with the sloping terrain and b) serve as an area for large potted plants like the Orange and Fig trees, the potted mint, etc. Then, the rest of the area would become a formal space with room for showy annuals and a good sized herb garden. Brick ‘pavers’ would line out the beds and wood would be used to lay out the bench and gravel paths that would encircle the area.

Here is our after (albeit from a different angle):


Mission accomplished! The mint and dahlia already moved in. This week was to have been for getting the beds ready for herbs but we finally (FINALLY) got rain so it will have to wait.

It took a lot of measuring to keep things reasonably symmetrical but thankfully the space was small enough that we weren’t in over our heads. We purposely kept the brick paths small, just big enough for me to navigate with secateurs, while leaving the path around the edge comfortable enough to walk around with ease. Rich modified our trailer to haul the gravel using the boards that made up the crates for the greenhouse. Recycling!

The Daffodils have been spectacular this year. I’d like to think it was a small token of apology from Mother Nature for the deliriously bonkers Spring she’s put us through.

‘Cha Cha’ isn’t as peachy as advertised, but does have a lovely dark edge to the cup.
Last year’s planting of ‘British Gamble’ paid off, they are lovely.

Things have been greening up at a breakneck pace. Including the weeds in the gravel paths. But let’s not think of them. Instead let’s look forward to the show that the Iris, Lupines, and Baptisia have in store for us.

And let’s bask in the glory of the Rhododendron that came with the house. I’ve no idea what its name is. But it and the ‘Miss Kim” lilac were the only worthwhile contributions to the landscape when we arrived at this house.


Its the best kind of gaudy. The bees and I love it.

The rains have put a halt to the breakneck pace that we were blazing. The water troughs/butts are plum full again, much to our relief. Hopefully this stretch of rain will help us remember we aren’t all that behind so that we can slow the pace a bit and enjoy cocktails on the patio rather than working until the street lights go on. The greenhouse is full, the peas and spinach are well at it, and we’ve been harvesting rhubarb and asparagus already. That, my friends, is the height of luxury!

We are off to the South-Eastern part of Wisconsin this weekend to spend Mother’s Day with my family. There will be garden centers to visit and garden projects to undertake. Our own gardens will take a break and hopefully be twice as lush when we return.

2 thoughts on “Projects, Blooms, and Slowing Down”

  1. Very nice job on the herb potager! I see what you mean on the black plastic – ha! As for having the time to garden and blog at the same time – the garden comes first, in my opinion. The blog won’t suffer as much if neglected for a bit.


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