April Fool’s.

Oh I’d love to tell you all this is an April Fool’s joke, but alas, there are no jokes, only snow.

6 inches to be exact, with another 6 on the way by Tuesday. And to make matters worse, the overnight temp fell to 9 F, which is like, -13 C? Not even the radiator-style heater I have in the greenhouse could keep it above 20 F. So, for at least the next week, the greenhouse will sit empty while waiting for this cold spell to pass.

The greenhouse looks more like a shed, but this heater does a nifty job when the outside temps are in the teens or twenties.

We’ve been fortunate enough the past three years that we’ve had early, mild springs with none of these late-ish cold spells. But this year, I was to have started Spinach and Peas outside last week. The ground has been far too cold for any of that nonsense, but these temperatures would have been a bridge too far for those poor plants anyway. I nearly started cleaning up some of the perennials (some of which were starting to peek out) but I’m glad I didn’t. To be honest, if the temperatures had to get so cold, then the snow was a welcome bit of insulation for those green bits.

In any event, I hope the weather is far nicer by you all and that you are enjoying the holiday weekend with your loved ones. I, myself, will hope for warmer weather, melting snow, and healthy seedlings!

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