Gardens on your Television.

Here’s my list of awesome garden & gardening shows to search out on YouTube or whatever other perfectly legal method you have for watching non-United Sates based television. (I’m not going to provide links since there are a number of ways to find these shows and YouTube channels come and go so quickly.) I’ve watched each one so I’m personally verifying they are high-quality and worthwhile shows. I’ll keep adding as I find stuff worth watching.

Gardener’s World (BBC)- The gold-standard for all gardening shows. Fantastic resource for tips, new information, and spectacular public and private gardens.

The Beechgrove Garden (BBC)- The Scottish sister to Gardener’s World. Watch with subtitles if you can, it will help!

A Garden in Snowdonia, Bodnant Rising (BBC)- I really, really enjoyed this behind-the-scenes glimpse of how an estate garden works towards reinvigorating its gardens and reputation.

Monty Don’s Paradise Gardens (BBC)- A beautiful two-part series on the paradise gardens of the Middle East. Part history, part garden tour. Really lovely.

Around the World in 80 Gardens (BBC)- This is a superb tour of the most famous and important gardens the world over. Again, part history, part garden tour. Monty Don at his best.

Big Dreams, Small Spaces (BBC & Netflix)- This is part garden DIY show and part garden therapy session. As the title says, the spaces are all small and pose their own issues (from budget to extreme size restrictions) but Monty takes them through the process from design to installation. Very enjoyable!

Love Your Garden (ITV and Netflix)- Alan Tischmarsh and his knowledgeable and talented crew take on unloved yards for deserving folks. Its much more similar to the fare you find on DIY and HGTV networks, but with much (MUCH) more educational content and much more heartwarming.

Great British Garden Revival (BBC)- Leading British horticulturalists detail and show plants, trends, and gardening styles they love. And why. Very fun show and I very much wish it were still on air.

Monty Don’s Italian Gardens (BBC)- Exactly what it sounds like. An exhaustive tour of historic Italian gardens.

The Big Allotment Challenge (BBC)- This was only on for two years but it follows the format of the Great British Bakeoff, but with gardening, floral display, and a bit of cooking. A very fun twist on reality television.

Diary of a UK Gardener (YouTube)- Sean James Cameron does a great job just showing the process of working his allotment and managing his garden. Its fun to check in on his progress and new project.

Plants Behaving Badly (PBS)- Great PBS-typical show with a scientific bent. Fun, especially for kids, to see the darker side of horticulture.

P. Allen Smith Garden to Table (PBS)- P. Allen is a more horticulturist-minded version of Martha Stewart. Lots of focus on aesthetics, but also lots of helpful tips.

Growing a Greener World (PBS)- Easygoing, all-purpose gardening show. This is the closest we can get to Gardener’s World in the US. I like it on its own merits, but it doesn’t hold a candle to GW or Beechgrove.

Botany of Desire (PBS)- History meets science and how it impacts the plants we grow and consume. Fascinating merging of disciplines to illustrate the massive impact certain plants have had on history and culture.

The Victory Garden (PBS)- I will watch this when I catch is (which isn’t often) but I can’t lie, I’m not in love with the latest iteration of this show. I think it is a bit short on technical and know-how and long on showy gardens/big installations. I don’t find it as relateable and useful as it once was.

Life in A Cottage Garden with Carol Klein (BBC)- This is a season-by-season walk through Carol’s garden. I enjoy spending times with gardeners in their own gardens, this is about 4 hours of that!

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