Purging the Plastics

It would seem that plastics in the garden is becoming a bit of a theme for 2018, and this I can fully get behind. Just the other day I saw this video posted on the Gardener’s World magazine Facebook page.

I also saw it specifically mentioned by Joanna at her Edinburgh Garden Diary site (a lovely blog, by the way) a week or so ago. She linked to these two blog posts by Sally Nex about the same topic. And, as expected, Monty spoke about this as well on the first episode of Gardner’s World this year.

I find this all to be utterly fascinating for the simple reason that I’d wager three fourths of what I (and you too!) own and buy for gardening is made of plastics. It feels rather inescapable if I’m being honest. How do we turn the tide? Slowly and steadily I suppose.

In my preparing for this post, I found that there was a surprising amount of items to cover, so I think I will make this a regular feature and cover one(ish) thing a week. I’m not intending to overhaul all of my equipment this season- nor am I suggesting anyone do that- but I think there are going to be some great items that we can all ask for come Christmastime next year and some relatively easy swaps to make as we are out shopping and replenishing our kits.

Rome wasn’t built in a day, nor will this sort of sweeping change happen in one season. As Monty mentioned in this most Gardener’s World episode (which was an utter joy!)- use what you have until it fails or breaks, then replace it with something longer lasting and ideally not plastic-based. And, of course, there will be the inevitable wait for the industry to catch up with the desires of the consumers. But at the very least, by having these conversations, we will be better prepared to make smarter, greener choices when cultivating our own green spaces.

Stay tuned- Seed Starting gear is up first, same time next week!


4 thoughts on “Purging the Plastics”

  1. HI Cortney and thanks for the mention! You might like to know that I’ve moved a little further along with my campaign to get the plastic out of gardening and I’ve set up a whole website on the topic, http://www.gardeningwithoutplastic.com. Do go on over and have a look – it’s still growing so I’ll be adding more stuff as I go along.

    I’ve now been reducing plastic in my garden for over two years and it’s still a challenge, but so far I have completely eliminated plastic in raising seeds and seedlings and I’m nearly there with larger pots too. Other materials it’s more difficult, but I’m finding ways around and different ways of gardening to sidestep unnecessary plastic – buying bare-root perennials instead of going to the garden centre, for example. I’m learning a whole load as I go along so it’s been an education. I’m just really glad to see it’s becoming such a hot topic at the moment – helped by Monty Don taking up the cause – and it’s starting to feel like we’re really getting somewhere. Thank goodness! All best, Sally Nex

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    1. That is so great! I think the more of us get talking about it and the more we can all identify better sources for our gardening needs, the quicker the change will happen. Can’t wait to see what your new website will hold in the future!


  2. This is an important subject. I feel guilty about all the plastic pots that come with the plants I buy. Mail order sources have made a lot of progress moving away from plastics. Garden centers, not so much.

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    1. I totally agree. Looking into this coming spring I’m already a bit hesitant/guilty/apprehensive knowing how many more plants I need to purchase and how much more plastic that will mean coming into my garden. I’m hoping some of our local nurseries will be willing to take back some pots in good condition to hopefully be reused. I know I won’t be able to reuse them all unless I open a nursery of my own!

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