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One of the things I love about winter (there aren’t many, it is a very short list!) is that it gives me a full 4 months for research, marinating, and general idea rumination. This is both a blessing and a curse, but at the end of the day I think its mostly blessing. Our biggest brainstorming this winter has been the addition of a garden/tool shed. Shed-storming if you will!

The initial plan was to put it up against the property line, near-ish the compost bin. Then Rich (my husband) floated out the idea of putting it next to the Nursery Bed, in line with the Greenhouse. That would leave us with a nice row of Shed, Nursery Bed, Greenhouse, all within easy walking distance from any point in the garden. Good! We have a location!

Then we had to think about size, use, and design. We hoped to use it to store our chipper, push lawnmowers (one gas, one reel), extra pots and bags of dirt/gravel, and all the garden tools (including a strimmer, leaf vacuum, and pole saws). It would keep our garage tidier and put the gardening materials within easy reach of anywhere we were working. We thought it might be nice to have a potting bench too, so we ended up somewhere between 8’x8′ and 10’x10′. Something like this:

Modern Shed (colored acrylic windows, ramp for lawnmower) | House Tweaking #shedplans
All images from Pinterest


Only I had this nagging feeling that it was 1) a bit too big for the location we preferred and 2) a bit of overkill since we already had the greenhouse and quite a bit of available storage under the benches.

So back to square one and new searches. Thank Maude for the internet and quiet couch-based winter weekends.

I think we’ve now settled on a smaller, more efficiently organized lean-to type shed that we could build up against the house. The new location is only about 20′ away from the previous location, but it would be less obtrusive visually as we would stain it to match the house. Something like these:

small storage for along the side of a house, outdoor living, shelving ideas, storage ideas, A small but attractive shed set along the side of a house With some shelves it can store quite a bit all with easy access Can also be placed next to a fence

Garden shed storage

Still wide enough to house the chipper, still enough wall space to hang all the necessary tools, but no potting bench and no storage for pots- that will all happen in the Greenhouse.

This new area currently houses some inherited but thoroughly average yellow daylilies and small transplanted panicle hydrangeas- so nothing I would be reluctant to move/lose. The hydrangea could get relocated to the front profile of the shed to further disguise it and would aid in hiding the old cemented-in metal posts that used to hold satellite dishes. The plan is coming together!

We’ve still got to decide on the overall dimensions (which will be based primarily on the bulky chipper) and whether or not we will put in a gravel path to it (I’m leaning towards yes). We’ve found some great solar pull-cord lights so we can have illumination but not need to run electric to it. We may have to get creative with vertical storage, but I think this new design will meet our needs in a smaller footprint and lower cost. Wins all around.

I’m hoping we can start on this yet this Spring so that I can get loads of use out of it this year, but we are at the mercy of my very handy Brother In Law’s schedule. Rest assured we will do a post or two when it comes time to build it!

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