Favorite Tools- 2018.

This isn’t Oprah. There is no free swag under your chair. I’m truly sorry about that. But you are going to get a list of the things I can’t be without in the garden. That’s just as good, right?

Anyway. Not a single thing on this list is sponsored or was given to me (other than by my Mom at Christmas because it was on my list). Everything was bought because I thought/hoped it would be awesome or I just lucked into something great. #Transparency

  1. Okatsune 103 Bypass Pruners General Purpose $32.48

    Listen. I don’t care what anyone says about Corona or Felco pruners. I know they are very popular and have loads of loyal owners. I own a pair of Cornona’s and they are fine, but for the money- these are hands down the best pruners I’ve ever laid my grubby hands on. I love them unreservedly.

    They are wicked sharp, lightweight, come in a number of sizes to fit your hands (mine are Mediums), close and open in a flash, are incredibly durable, and are super affordable. I own two pairs and covet them and have written my name on them so as to let everyone else know that THEY CAN’T USE THEM BECAUSE THEY ARE MINE.

    I would absolutely recommend anyone in the market for a new pruner to try these first before splashing out on something twice the price. I’ve yet to find a local brick and mortar supplier for these, but Amazon has your back (and they are Prime eligible!).

  2. Hand Hoes (DeWit Dutch Hand Hoe $40.99 and Nejiri Gamma Hoe $7.56)

    These guys are so great for weeding in the Veg beds. I have a long handled hoe that I’ll get to later, but these can’t be beat for close-up work in small spaces. I have been super impressed with the quality of DeWit tools, but if you are looking to see it you even like this style of tool, you can’t beat the $8 pricetag of the (shorter but sharper) Nejiri. Personally, I use the cheaper-to-replace Nejiri for weeding in the gravel paths/pads for which it does an amazing job. I save the DeWit for working in the soil of the veg beds. But I love them both. (Both available on Amazon)

  3. Haws Traditional Metal Watering Can, 2.3 Gallon $97.31

    Confession: This baby is a total splurge and I got it as a Christmas present from the Husband to make the purchase seem more palatable. But OH MAN, do I love this thing. It is so perfectly balanced, even when it is full up to the top. The rose is brass and gives a perfect spray without ever coming loose when you don’t want it to. Easy to carry, easy to pour, durable as all get out and it is so, so pretty. Plus it is built to last a lifetime.

    I reach for this guy whenever I have a choice (I have 2 other run of the mill, big box store watering cans- one metal, one plastic) because it is just easier to manhandle and get the water where I want it to go.  And its pretty. I adore Haws watering cans and am patiently awaiting the next holiday/gift giving event when I can ask for another one. (Amazon)

  4. Sneeboer Compact Perennial Spade $70.47

    Compact Perennial Spade by SneeboerThis is another bit of a splurge but honestly, no other tool does and works like this one does. Its the perfect offspring of a full sized shoved and a trowel. At 21.5″ it fits anywhere and is easy to tote around the garden.

    The T handle lets you get a better bit of leverage and it has quickly become my favorite tool for planting and dividing. It is small enough to get into the nooks and crannies, but big enough to not leave you feeling like you are digging out the Great Pyramid with a teaspoon. It is super versatile and I found myself seeking this tool out over and over again last year.

    Sneeboer tools are of amazing quality and will last a lifetime (much like the Haws watering cans) so it is a tool that you buy once and use until you head into the home. (Garden Tool Company)

    Note: If you are looking for something similar but at a more reasonable price point, we also have and love this Yardworks 30″ Wood D Handle Digging Shovel (pictured above) from Menard’s which is considerably larger than the Sneeboer, but still works great for smaller spaces. And at $12.99 (currently on sale for $6.22!) the price is hard to beat. We’ve had this shovel for 5 years and use it constantly- it is holding up incredibly well.

  5. Sneeboer Royal Dutch Hoe $78.58

    Royal Dutch Hoe by SneeboerThis is not only a beautifully wicked looking tool that is lethal on weeds, it would also be my tool of choice come the Zombie Apocalypse. Wouldn’t you?

    This hoe is full sized and again, of heirloom quality. It makes weeding the Veg beds easy and fast and limits the time I spend squatting or kneeling on my sports-worn knees. Lightweight, sharp as a knife, and effective on both the push and pull strokes. Weeds don’t stand a chance and it makes the chore a bit more bearable. Also, Zombie Killer. (Garden Tool Company)

  6. Yardworks 30″ Wood Handle 4 Tine Spade Fork $9.99

    Yardworks® 30Yeah, that’s a mouthful but the price is so right. I got this guy when we still lived in South Dakota before I became a Serious Gardener (TM) and I still love it to this day.

    Its a brilliant compost turning fork, does an admirable job both loosening soil and turning in amendments, and works great moving around piles of grass clippings or other organic matter. The tines are wide enough to hold a whole bunch of mulch (this was my tool of choice when we mulched the massive Main Garden last year) but short enough to make movements efficient and easy. Menard’s carries this brand and if you have one by you, there are a number of affordable Yardworks tools that we own and love. Give them all a shot!

    So there you have it! I’ll update with another post if/when I come across new things I can’t live without. I hope this list is helpful and I’d love to hear your feedback if you own or buy any of these!

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