The Veg Garden

The Veg garden is one space made up of 9 separate beds. There are four 4’x4′ beds that are home to our rhubarb, asparagus, blueberries, and garlic. There are four 6’x12′ beds that hold the bulk of the veg we grow and three of the four rotate yearly (because I try hard to follow rotational practices), the other is home to our raspberries. Mmmm, raspberries. And then there is the big bed that is 6’x28′ that also gets rotated.
The beds are slightly raised and edged with untreated cedar. The paving is driveway base. The beds began as compost and leaf mold and get topped off with our compost as needed. The whole shebang is fenced in to keep bunnies out (marginally successful) and to delineate the space from the rest of the garden. It sits plum in the middle of the whole works and takes pride of place. Most years.
I don’t know how much more there is to say about this space. The paths are a hearty 4 feet wide, this gives us loads of room to move around and plenty of space to navigate wheelbarrows. The gravel makes for relatively easy weeding and helps prevent too much run off. Water soaks in deep (quickly- sand!) but remains available to the plants.
This area is smack in the middle of the garden so we have no issues with sun. Probably a bit too much sun if I’m being honest. Lettuce and greens are a challenge to grow and seedlings dry out SUPER fast if the weather is too sunny. But all in all, its central location makes for easy access, the greenhouse is right next door, and we have a 100 gallon water butt/cistern right there for easy watering.

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