Making Plans for 2018.

So this year was to be the year of no new projects. Which then became the year of no new *big* projects. Which is now the year of a whole bunch of random small-ish projects.

Our resolve is astounding, don’t you think?
Anyway, here’s what’s on deck for the coming year:
  • The dead space between the Greenhouse and the East Garden will become a potager-style herb garden. It will only be home to herbs we actually use (Cilantro, Dill, Parsley, Chives, Thyme) and a few pockets of flowers (Lavender and Nasturtiums, possibly a bit of calendula). It will also be the summer home for The Fig and The Orange (which will be the name of my new band.)
  • The black plasticked (I know that isn’t a word) area between the Dry Garden and the Greenhouse will get cleared of grass and black plastic and get edged and filled in with driveway base so that it is one cohesive, easy to use pathway. This is only 2 years coming.
  • The long narrow beds in both the East and West garden will get filled in and planted. Right now each only has a smattering of (what I think are super spectacular) bulbs- Martagon lilies in the West and Fritilaria persica in the East).
  • The West garden will get a shade pergola courtesy of my Brother in Law so that one may enjoy the area any time other than night.
  • A GARDEN SHED! Again, courtesy of my Brother in Law. This will house all the rakes, shovels, pots, the chipper and push mower, and all the crap I grouse about having to go back up to the garage for. It will be pretty and sit between the compost bins and the Greenhosue. I will love and and call it Nigel.
  • We are moving the fire pit down into the Cee Garden (per my mom’s brilliant suggestion) and will replace that area in the Dry Garden with a generous circular bed that may or may not have a water feature (because why not?). This will mean we have to learn how to wire things for solar and all that nonsense. Hopefully Electrical Engineer Neighbor will fancy a go at helping us. It will also mean trying to source non-hideous solar lights so that no one faceplants in or out of the Cee Garden at night.
See?! No new projects!
(Note: To know where the heck I’m talking about, click on the “Garden Map” tab at the top of the page and it will take you to a nifty map I made for you. Then you will know what and where I’m talking about!)

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